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Destination Labrador is a well established Destination Management Organization in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador originally founded in 1992.

As a partnership-based tourism industry association we represent a diverse tourism sector with substantial public and private investments in recreational fishing, adventure cruises, outdoor adventure and sight-seeing tourism product sectors.

Our mandate is to support business/organization partners, tour operators, receptive tourism operators, travel media, and Labrador tourism stakeholders through partnership-based initiatives that support the growth of a viable and sustainable world-class travel destination.

Destination Labrador offers logistical and financial support to journalists writing about travel experiences in Labrador. Together with our partners at the Canadian Tourism Commission and Newfoundland and Labrador's Department of Tourism, Culture and Recreation - we can help. Whether you plan to travel to Labrador or report from your home city or town, our capable team of staff and volunteers would welcome a chance to work with you on your assignments and projects in Labrador.
Social Media
On this website and our Facebook page you'll find countless stories and photos that highlight what Labrador has to offer. If you would like to explore the thousands of professional and staff generated images we have, please visit our Flickr collection and review our license agreement.

To use an image from our Flickr collections, email us with a brief description of where the image is to be used and in what context, along with the filename of the image(s) requested (ie: RB001, tmnp200) and we'll get back to you.

We also have a number of videos produced on our YouTube channel which can be shared freely on any social media site.

Tweet us, Like us, subscribe to us. We're your Labrador travel experts and we'd love to see you in the Big Land.
Story Ideas
There's lots to see, experience, and write about when it comes to Labrador. We've taken the time to narrow down some story ideas of our own, but we certainly welcome your suggestions.

The greatest natural light show on earth, the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) fill Labrador's night sky with undulating curtains of light, an average of 243 nights per year.

A quiet, unassuming patch of field in L'Anse Amour is actually one of the most important archaeological finds in North America. For this is where a young Maritime Archaic Indian child was buried with ceremony some 7,500 years ago - evidence of the first 'funeral' ever held on this continent.

The rugged mountain ranges of Labrador's North Coast have exotic names such as Kiplapait, Killinek, Kaumajet and Torngat. These names are Inuktitut, the ancient language of the Inuit. Find your own way with words as you explore the language of Canada's eastern Arctic region of Nunatsiavut.
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Labrador travel info and story ideas for all media. Updated Jan 2018
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Labrador travel info and story ideas for Media personnel. Updated Jan 2015
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Red Bay gets green light by ICOMOS.
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Image Usage Agreement for use of images from our Flickr collection
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