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Labrador Itineraries
Why Labrador?
Labrador is BIG. You don't realize just how big it is until you get here! To help you plan your choices we've narrowed down some itineraries that represent the diverse regions of Labrador; here is a little about each, click the end links for more information. Of Course, the staff at Destination Labrador are always available to assist with customizing your itinerary to match your customer needs.

Once you've reviewed the itinerary you can start your planning by reviewing the Itinerary Toolkits.
Expedition 51
If you're looking for adventure, try the 1,122km Trans Labrador Highway! This free-wheeling adventure will take you through the resource rich lands of Labrador West, through Central Labrador where you'll learn of Labrador's key aboriginal cultures, and onward to the Labrador Coastal Drive, where you'll visit small fishing villages, Atlantic Canada's tallest lighthouse, and Basque whaling country in Red Bay - a UNESCO World Heritage Site! Click here for more detailed information on trip planning to Labrador
Newfoundland Extension
Just a short ferry ride from the northern tip of Newfoundland, immerse yourself into Labrador's unique culture and history. Communities on the Labrador Coastal Drive provide a glimpse back into early European colonization, not to mention some of eastern Canada's prime iceberg and whale viewing locations! View Newfoundland Extension Itinerary.
Cruise Nunatsiavut
Nunatsiavut, our beautiful land, offers an opportunity to experience the unique culture of the Labrador Inuit and take in the breathtaking landscapes of the Arctic. Find yourself here in the place of spirits, home to the Inuit and their predecessors for thousands of years. The MV Northern Ranger will take you to the remote communities of Nunatsiavut on a 5-day return trip from Happy Valley-Goose Bay to Nain. View Cruising Nunatsiavut Itinerary.
Torngat Mountains
Torngat Mountains National Park, located 200km north of Labrador's most northerly community of Nain, is alive with activity through July and August. The base camp and research station has a variety of facilities to make your stay comfortable - and operating on green technology makes this trip an earth-conscious one as well. Explore the land on foot with the company of an Inuit guide, or travel by boat or helicopter to witness wildlife like polar bears, caribou and wolves. Experience Inuit culture and life-style first-hand and take in the Northern Lights dancing above the majestic Torngat Mountains for an experience of a lifetime. View Torngat Mountains Itinerary.

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