Where On Earth

Nowhere is as far from everyday life as Labrador. Unspoiled by anyone before you, it's one of the last untamed places left on earth. Paths unwalked, mountains unclimbed, and beauty untapped — you'll own your time in Labrador. And while it's no easy journey here, it's worth it, because only the boldly adventurous can claim to have conquered Labrador.

Labrador's embracing adventure and history will divide your life into two periods: before you've been, and after. From traditional Inuit ceremonies to the shores where Vikings claimed this continent, it's a land draped in culture. Walk across 9,000 years of history and hear the stories of generations past in the surrounding silence. Cast a line into still water and challenge nature to fight for your newest trophy. From awesome panoramas to the thrill of this hunt, Labrador's grace is impossible to ignore.

When you return home with more questions than answers, you'll know that Labrador has challenged you forever. Get started on planning your trip to Labrador.

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