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Cruising Nunatsiavut
"Hop on..hop off"
Nunatsiavut, "Our Beautiful Land," offers an opportunity to experience unique aboriginal culture and breathtaking Arctic scenery. Find yourself in this 'place
of spirits' - home to the Inuit and their predecessors for thousands of years.
The new Kamutik W ferry service links the small, remote communities of Nunatsiavut during the summer months with a 5 day return trip; Happy Valley – Goose Bay to Nain.
Passengers have a choice of accommodations and can stay on for the whole five days or get off in a community on the way north and rejoin the ferry on the southward journey.
Day 1
rigolet1005Depart Goose Bay at noon... Sail Lake Melville, with the Mealy Mountains towering in the southern skyline. That evening you arrive in Rigolet and have a few hours to explore the most southerly Inuit community in Canada. Check out the Net Loft Museum and Strathcona House to learn the history of the community.
Day 2
hopedale1001Overnight you will sail north, awaken your senses with an early morning stroll on the poet's path when you dock in Makkovik. Later that day you stop in Postville; well known for it's smoked char and salmon – check out the small smoke houses along the roadside. Near days end tour the Moravian Mission Museum in historic Hopedale.
Day 3
nain1018At midday you will arrive in Nain; shop for locally produced Inuit art at Torngat Arts and Crafts. You might even be lucky enough to interact with an artist as you stroll the streets.
Day 4
makkovik1007Discover more mysteries of the Labrador Inuit when you stop in Hopedale, Postville and Makkovik again on the southbound journey. Shop for traditional crafts, explore the White Elephant Museum, participate in a guided community tour and keep watch for Grumpus (Minke Whales), icebergs, seals and seabirds.
Day 5
rigolet012Spend your last morning in Nunatsiavut with a short hike along a historic shoreline on the second longest boardwalk in the world. As you cruise back in through Lake Melville you listen intently as some locals tell you the history behind the many "cabin communities" that dot the remote coastline.
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