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*UPGRADES CONTINUE* on the Trans Labrador Highway
During the 2013 road construction season, there were some initial setbacks experienced as a result of major forest fires in Labrador West and Central, however a great deal of progress was made on the paving of the TLH between Labrador City and Happy Valley-Goose Bay. As a result, the remaining 60 km stretch of gravel road between Churchill Falls and Happy Valley-Goose Bay will be paved in 2014 marking the completion of a fully paved highway for Route 500 from Labrador City to Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

Work also began on the Labrador Coastal Drive (L'Anse-Au-Clair to Happy Valley-Goose Bay) section of the highway. Widening and resurfacing began on a 80 km section between Red Bay and Mary's Harbour (Battle Harbour) in preparation for paving which is anticipated to start in 2014. In addition, the first 80 kms of widening and resurfacing is now completed on the section between Happy Valley - Goose Bay and Cartwright which is also scheduled to begin receiving pavement in 2014.

Click here for a printable, more detailed description of the Trans Labrador Frontier Loop and the product updates listed below.
Northern Ranger cruising Lake Melville in Central Labrador.
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A new escorted tour program is being planned for delivery on board the MV Northern Ranger, a passenger-freight vessel that visits the Inuit communities of Nunatsiavut. Further program details are anticipated early in 2014.
*NEW ACCOMMODATION* in Labrador City
The Northern Inn and Suites is a new hotel in Labrador City. With 24 rooms, this 3.5 star property is a great addition to a community that continues to experience an economic boom. A new website is being developed.
*NEW ACCOMMODATION* in North West River
Hotel North has just completed construction and will be opening a new 10 room motel in the community of North West River in November 2013. All rooms will have kitchenettes.
Chalupa - a restored Basque whaling vessel that was found onsite.
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*NEW* UNESCO World Heritage Site - Red Bay Basque Whaling Station
Red Bay National Historic Site of Canada received UNESCO World Heritage Site status on June 22nd, 2013. New interpretative programming was introduce during the summer of 2013. Enhancements to these new offerings in 2014 will provide visitors an opportunity to interact with "Basque Whalers" and participate in a Basque Festival at the beginning of August.
*NEW ROUTE* Cain's Quest
New route announced for Cain's Quest in March 2014 will increase the distance from 2,500km to 3,300km, making this the longest endurance snowmobile race in the world!
Grenfell Cottage
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*ENHANCED SERVICES* Battle Harbour National Historic Site
A major overhaul of operations is being undertaken that will see vast improvements in overnight accommodation offers, culinary offers, tour options and themed activities.

All rooms are being converted to accommodate en-suite washroom services to replace shared only facilities. Also, new furnishing and decor are being incorporated into all rooms. These upgrades will be completed for the 2014 operating season. In addition, a gourmet chef, who has worked with kitchen staff this past summer to design and launch new cuisine offers, as resulted in some rave reviews on TripAdvisor of the culinary experiences at the site.

Enhancements are taking place to improve existing interpretative sessions, and additional, new themed, activity offerings are being planned. A new website will be launched this fall to provide more details.

The ferry schedule was also revised in 2013 to offer only one crossing per day - overnight options only.
*NEW* Torngasok Cultural Centre - Nain, Nunatsiavut
A new cultural centre for Nunatsiavut will be built in Nain to showcase the history and culture of the Labrador Inuit and serve as the gateway to Torngat Mountains National Park. Draft plans have been developed and the final budgeting processes are underway. Building site has been prepared and planned construction is to begin in the Summer of 2014.
Whale of a Tail
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*NEW* Zodiac Tours - Forteau
Labrador Salmon Lodges, in partnership with Tour Labrador, began offering new whale and iceberg tours during the summer of 2013.
Atlantic Rivers Outfitting Co. has launched the St. Lewis River Lodge on the St. Lewis river between St. Lewis and Port Hope Simpson, Labrador.
* NEW ACCOMMODATION* in North West River
New Bed & Breakfast opened in North West River during the summer of 2012, Red Wine B&B. Getting rave reviews!
Major enhancements have been completed this Spring 2013 to the Goose Bay Airport terminal building. The airport now offers meals and refreshments via Robin's® Donuts.
*NEW NATIONAL PARK* Mealy Mountain National Park Reserve
Boundaries are currently being surveyed (first stakes have been driven) and assessment of product development opportunities being conducted by Parks Canada .

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